Sunday, May 26, 2013

New flea treatment products for dogs

Unfortunately for our pupils season for tick and flea is about to start. Ticks have the highest activity between spring and autumn, during the day they have two activity times: morning and afternoon. Protecting methods before tick and flea aren't change that much during time - still the best are old checked methods such as special collars, preparations (like frontline, advantage for dogs).

However sometimes show up new products on market. Interesting new treatment for dogs is special electronic repellents which you are able to attach to the pupil's collar. But, we need to remember to keep it charged and then tick won't be dangerous any more. If you have any natural flea treatment methods to share with us then please send them by mail, and we would be honoured to present them on this blog.

We would like to increase interactions with users to make that blog to be creating by you as well.
That’s why we would like to accept every interesting article about best flea treatment for dogs or cats. Also please feel free to add a comment.

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