Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flea and tick control for dogs

Flea and tick control is vital for anyone who wants to lead a bug-free life. You may not be aware of how easy it is for your dog to get fleas. Be it a stray cat, a neighbour's new puppy, a racoon, whatever that walks over your yard and spills one female flea that later recklessly reproduces in your garden, and you have a flea problem at your door.

Naturally, fleas need proper conditions to develop. They like heat, so no wonder that we suffer from flea infestation mostly in the summer months. It does not mean, however, that you need not worry about fleas or ticks in winter. Actually, according to specialists, there are only about 40-45 days in the year cycle when we can totally forget about these pesky creatures. And these days vary dramatically as far as the region is concerned, so you'd better be on your guard.

Fleas and tick like humid, warm places. This means that flea/tick invasions can't be solely blamed on the weather. If there are many moist, darkish places in on your porch, or if your garden is dramatically overgrown and pleasantly humid, in all probability, sooner or later, you will experience flea/tick infestation. It is your task to make your environment as flea/tick-unfriendly as possible.

Still, if you find fleas or ticks on your fluffy pet, do not despair. Actually, ugly and possibly dangerous though they can be, it is in fact fairly simple to get rid of them. You just need to stick to a certain plan and fulfill it in detail.

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