Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting rid of fleas

Many wonder what the big problem about the flea removal is. After all, once you realise there are fleas in your house and on your dog, you just buy some nice flea bomb and use it, wash your dog in some anti-flea shampoo and the problem's done with.

Well, don't be so hasty. If you act this way, you are quite sure to have your house and pet re-infested with these pesky creatures. Why?

Firstly, you did not make sure you actually got rid of all the fleas, both the adult ones and the larvae. Fleas have different developmental stages and therefore different substances are needed to kill adult fleas and, say, eggs. Even if you wipe out all the adult fleas in your house, fleas will soon reappear.

First and foremost, make sure you get rid of all the flea eggs. This you will achieve by thoroughly washing carpets and bedding with a strong detergent and vacuuming the entire house. Also, try to dehumidify your house, eg. by turning on air conditioning. To kill larvae, you could wash carpets with an insecticide, or have them steam-washed.

Then you ought to take care of yourself and your dog. For starters, try NOT to use any chemicals. They can, and often do, pose a threat to your and your pet's health, which is obviously what we aim to avoid. What's more, don't make any changes to your dog's diet until you have consulted a vet. Flea extermination process may get out of hand if you act hastily.

You can start with taking greater care of your pet's hygiene. Bath it once a week using gentle (remember that your dog's skin is very tender when the animal is slowly being devoured by little insects) shampoos and comb it regularly, observing how many fleas fall out of the pet's fur. Fleas and bugs are repelled by several smells and tastes, such as: cider vinegar, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint or citronella, so we advise you to use these oils regularly. However, if these methods fail, you ought to have your dog examined by a vet who will probably prescribe medication and suggest dietary changes.

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